Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A range of choices: Determinants of a Good Progressive Slot

While it is true that progressive jackpots can turn Mr. Pauper into a Tycoon, there are a couple of things that need to be addressed before playing online games that offer such feature. The choices are spectacularly wide, and choosing the best game is necessary to avoid mechanics confusion, wager loss, and an awkward gaming experience. Online casinos are great avenues to take advantage of lucrative betting trends, but inherent to this fun is the responsibility to pick appropriate game variants.

Online casinos have a myriad of ways to pamper customers in a steady flow of bonuses, jackpots, and other rewards. Choosing the right progressive slots is one way to take this experience one level higher. There are two main approaches players can use when determining the right progressive slot for them: identifying content quality and focusing on the numbers.

Content quality
Game developers use a variety of themes to lure players into playing their slot games. Depending on the customer’s preference or taste, a game with attractive colors, images, characters, and sound effects can generally improve the gaming ambiance. Some slots are inspired by popular TV sitcoms, others were patterned after literary characters. For those who love sports, slots with football or basketball motifs can surely satisfy their aesthetic requirements. And for customers who are into arts and beauty, cinema- or stage-themed slots can be their best choice.

Number Factor
Bonus features are another factor to consider when choosing progressive slots. Many players love progressives that offer a great deal of free spins, and games where such features can be re-triggered is more likely to acquire greater player traffic (more players, more progressive jackpot contributors). High rollers or casino whales can go for slots with gamble games in which they can multiply their winnings several folds at the risk of losing all.

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