Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unbeaten Stravaganza Rewards That You Must Avail

Extravagance is the operative word in the game, Stravaganza. The card game combines online blackjack and baccarat principles but eliminates the possibility of busting. There’s no need for strategy, just pure mathematical skills.

Game objective
Stravaganza is a straightforward game. You only need to have a hand that has a higher value than the dealer. It liberates you from busting nightmares and strategy paralysis. Just do your math and you’ll collect huge winnings in the game.

Playing Stravaganza
Both the dealer and the player shall receive three (3) cards. However, you’ll only get your third card when you choose the “play on” option. That’s the time when you see the value of the dealer’s hand. You win if your hand has a higher value.

But what if you decide to play with two cards? Or, what if you want to concede in the game? Are there any options for you to save your bet and move on to the next round? The answer to these questions is a simple YES.

Other options
Stravaganza offers other options that you can exploit and use to your advantage. Concrete examples of these are the following:
·        Money back – You can use this option when your hand value is five (5). It terminates the round and returns your bet
·        Rescue – This is available when your hand value is in between six (6) and nine (9). Although this is already a strong hand, the chances of competing against the dealer are very slim. The rescue option returns half of your bet
·        Sit-  Use this option when you have a high value hand. Choosing this feature means you’re contented with two (2) cads.

Progressive jackpot
The progressive jackpot is another feature of this game. Aside from the above-mentioned betting options, you also have the opportunity to win a huge progressive jackpot.

Stravaganza is no less than simple mathematics. Add the card value, get a strong hand and win easily.