Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Roller Coaster Dice Turns Players Into Instant High Rollers

Rollercoaster Dice shares striking similarities with the casinogame Craps. Both use dice. Rollercoaster Dice, however, is less intimidating. There are less numbers on screen. It is simple and easy to understand and on top of that, the rewards are too lucrative.

How it works
This game takes you to a fun rollercoaster ride where your main task is to identify whether the next number shall have a higher, lower or the same value.

To start off, two (2) dice shall be thrown in the game and they shall determine your base number. Afterwards, you will be asked to guess if the next number that will show up shall have a higher or the same value. Fortunately, this game has a bonus round that makes winning a lot easier. This happens whenever the dice give out a seven (7) twice.

The game has four (4) levels. Each level corresponds to a prize amount. Whenever you reach a particular stage, you will be asked if you want to take the reward or continue playing. Be careful with the choices you made. The slightest mistake ends the game immediately. In case you have managed to reach the final stage, the total amount of your reward is thirty (30) times bigger than your original bet.

A winning tip
Since Rollercoaster Dice is practically a guessing game, luck is your only weapon. Nevertheless, you can reinforce luck with this powerful tip.

Whenever the dice show a value of five (5) or lower, always pick the higher option. When they give an eight (8) and a seven (7), always go for the lower option.

You can also reap more rewards if you place bigger bets. Rollercoaster Dice, just like most online casino games, tend to share bigger prizes to those who made higher wagers.

Rollercoaster Dice may look to simple. Yet, never underestimate this game for it is one of the most irresistible and profitable diversion that you will ever encounter.