Friday, May 10, 2013

Feature-Rich Slot Game, The Mummy Fills Every Player’s Bankroll

The Mummy is one of the most feature-rich online slot games in 12BET Casino, which players should not miss. It delivers free spins, bonus rounds, collapsing reels and the freedom to choose symbols that will help you fill your bankroll easily.

Select a feature
This option does not only outline the special symbols that you have acquired during a bonus round.  It also allows you to use them strategically. For example, choose the scorpion symbol to have an extra scatter. Or you might fancy on the scarab attack to trigger the wild’s appearance on screen.

Always remember this, all the symbols shown in the select a feature option are designed to beat the house and increase your winnings.

Collapsing reels
Collapsing reels are simply, irresistible. They pave way for multiple spins in one sitting. The players don’t even need to place another bet to enjoy the extra spins.

In this game, it is the Mummy symbol that triggers the collapsing reels. It explodes and pushes all other symbols beneath it whenever a winning combination is formed. Should there be another winning combination formed after the symbols are pushed downwards, the prizes shall be added to the member’s total winnings.

Free games
But of course, this game has free spins. Other than that, it also has the so-called super spin feature, which is ideal for those who want to see huge amounts in their paycheque.

Bonus rounds
Unlike other slot machine, The Mummy has three (3) lucrative bonus rounds. On an average, a player is lucky enough to spot an online slot that has a bonus round. Many don’t even have one. Thus, to have a game that offers not only one (1), but three (3) is pure heaven to slots lovers.

If you want to re-live the The Mummy adventure in a fun and “lucrative” way, play The Mummy slots. Enjoy the features, exploit the bonus and experience top-notched online slot gaming!