Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Solo Mahjong Makes A Strong Buzz In Online Casino Gaming

Instead of cards, Solo Mahjong is a casino game, which uses tiles instead of cards. This unique casino game is very popular among Chinese players and is now gaining popularity in other markets.

Solo mahjong’s objective is to form a strong hand using 3 identical tiles or tiles that are lined up sequentially. On a closer look, Solo Mahjong shares similarities with Poker. However, the former requires the player to form a hand out of 14 tiles.

Fortunately and thanks to the help of technology, this seemingly tedious task of forming of winning hands is made more convenient in online casinos.

When playing Solo Mahjong in 12BET Casino, the player only needs a single tile and whatever winning combination they make, shall be immediately identified and recognized during the game.

Easy, fast and of course, filled with lucrative rewards, Solo Mahjong is one thing that every online casino player should try.