Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shifting The Edge: Why You Must Play French Roulette If You Want To Win Big

French roulette is another popular variant of roulette. Malaysia’s players are one of the most evident patrons of this game. But sometimes, due to its resemblance to European roulette, many are confused with regards to the difference between the two.

French and European roulette shares one thing in common: the single zero. Due to this, players get better winning possibilities and this explains their popularity.

The French counterpart, however, applies the so-called “La Partage” rule. Under this rule, players do not lose their bets entirely whenever the ball lands on zero. What happens during this seemingly unfortunate circumstance is that players, still, get half of their bets. It is for this reason that many members tend to play French roulette more often than the European one.

Increase one’s roulette chances even without using a betting system. Take advantage of French roulette’s La Partage rule to see your bankroll increase instantly.