Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pop Bingo Makes Online Casino Gaming More Interesting With Easy Rewards

Pop Bingo brings a new flavor and thrill to the typical bingo casino game. Perhaps this is the only bingo-inspired game where players are not compelled to form patterns or choose their own set of numbers,

With Pop Bingo, a set of numbers shall be shown on the screen. Players must secure matches out of the numbered popcorn balls, which are drawn randomly. So how does this game determine the winner?

The players win if they get number matches out of the drawn popcorn balls. However, they can bring home a much bigger reward if they have completed the combination with less number of pops. The less a player pops, the bigger is his or her winnings.

The lowest number of pops that a player can make is 40, while the highest is 90.

Start popping your way to millions today. Sit back, relax and win easily in Pop Bingo.