Thursday, February 7, 2013

Does Hole Carding Still Apply In The Casino Game, Blackjack?

Hole carding in the casino game, blackjack is one of the easiest ways to score big in blackjack. a proper execution of this technique generates bigger winnings.

In blackjack, a hole card pertains to dealer’s face-down card. Members who are able to decipher its value will have a definite advantage over his or her casino game  rival.

There are 2 categories of hole carding techniques. One of this is called as first basing and the other is spooking.

First basing is pretty simple. Players simply need to peek quickly into the dealer’s card and they are already good to go.

Spooking, on the other hand is a bit more tedious. This approach requires 2 players. One of them joins the table while the other silently looks at the dealer’s card. Upon, knowing its value, the other player shall secretly divulge the dealer’s hole card to its partner.

Although, this is not so complicated, hole carding is hardly practiced in land-based casinos. This is most especially true in casinos where the “no-hole” rule is observed. Applying this technique may ban the player from entering the casino permanently. 

Instead of resorting to hole carding, it is much better to master card counting. Although, being an expert requires a considerable amount of time, it is nonetheless worthy of all the effort and time.