Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blade Scratch Makes A Mark In Malaysian Online Casino Games

Vampires are so mainstream, they are even included in Malaysian online casino games.

Blade, which made its debut on the big screen was turned into a slot machine and today, this blood-sucking but well-loved creature is transformed into another casino game. Care to guess what it is? Yes, it is now a scratch card—but not an ordinary one.

Blade cards contain 9 squares, but only four shall be scratched. Among these four different images, the three must make a match.

When playing Blade, the image’s placement does not matter. They can appear anywhere on the reel and the player, still, wins. So long as there are three identical images, the player shall be rewarded.

The famous half-vampire and half-human, Blade is ready to turn a member’s simple scratch game into a lucrative gaming activity. Play and get ready for big wins today!