Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Most Popular Slot Myths That Players Observe

Aside from being fun and easy, online slots are also known for the myths attributed to it.

Keeping track of payout cycles
If you think that slots need to comply with the so-called “payout percentage,” you better think again. This belief is no less than a misconception. Indeed, there are instances where a particular slot game becomes too “generous.” But this does not mean that the game has been configured to meet the above-mentioned percentage. There is no way that online casinos can do this since winning combinations are determined randomly.

Relatively, the belief that these games are likewise configured to prevent members from winning, has no basis at all.

Play longer to hit the jackpot
So you are playing your favorite slot game, say Halloween Fortune, for example, you take a short break and your friend just hit the jackpot. If you continued playing, you could have been the big winner.

Again, this belief has no scientific basis. The spins that you make do not influence your future spins. Like the winning combinations, they are randomly determined and are independent of each other.

A near miss means you are about to win
You almost nailed the winning combination if not for the “uncooperative” symbol. For certain members, they see this as a good sign—that they will make it in the next spin. While it is true that other players get the jackpot after a near miss, still, there is no credible basis for this assumption.

If near misses disappoint you, Mr. Cashback is the perfect slot game for you. Here, you can get your money back for non-winning paylines. Why believe this myth when there are slot games that let you win easily?

Winning consecutively is impossible
Of all slot myths, you should never believe this one. Online casinos will not prevent you from winning consecutively. They cannot manipulate or influence the results of every game. Yes, it is possible to win twice or even thrice in a row!

It is hard to win in slots that have recently hit the jackpot
As discussed, you can win consecutively in slots. It does not matter how often you win, the most important thing is that no one is preventing you from hitting the big jackpot.

Slot myths—sometimes they happen. Yet this does not mean that they should be taken as gospel truths. Some things are simply products of pure coincidence.
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