Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Payouts Hardly Affect Winning Possibilities In Slots


A big payout neither makes a slot game tight nor totally drained of prizes. Winning consecutively in slots is highly possible as the outcome of each spin is independent from each other.

Why players avoid slots that have a big payout
Several reasons can be linked as to why certain players refuse to play in slots that just had a big payout. One of this is the strong belief that it left the game empty. Without any funds, the harder it is for the player to win.

Evidently, this belief is one of those myths that tend to influence many. The outcome of a single game has nothing to do with the jackpot. The prize shall be reset, take for example the case of progressive slots—this happens. Yet, this does not mean that it will prevent a player from winning again.

As long as the winning combination is nailed, online slots do not stop in giving the members what is due to them.

Another assumption is that the online slots turned into a “tight” one after the jackpot is hit. Online slots are described as tight because it is very difficult for players to win in this game. Again, this is another myth. There is no thing such as tight or loose slots.

Lastly, there is the belief that slots are programmed and manipulated to prohibit members from winning after a major payout. Apparently, this is not possible. This is most especially true for reputable online casinos. Casino sites would not risk their reputation and the trust of their player.

Needless to say, the above-mentioned notions have no scientific basis. Always remember that in slots, the outcome of every spin is independent. Thus, in the event where a big payout has occurred, still, it does not change the fact that a player may win again. As mentioned, there is no reason why a member cannot win consecutively in online slot gaming.

If you happen to chance upon an online slot game that made a big payout, simply ignore the above-mentioned beliefs. Just keep on playing. Always remember that slots remains to be one of the easiest online casino game. Moreover, these are equipped with bonus features that you rarely see in other games.

Some of the best slot games that you can enjoy are Mr. Cashback, which, gives you a cashback for non-winning paylines, Everybody’s Jackpot, which lets you have a share of the progressive jackpot. Other notable online slots that you must try are Golden Tour, Highway Kings, Halloween Fortune and Pharaoh’s Secret.