Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go Wild With Slots! Win More With Wild Symbols

To win in slot games, a player simply needs to complete a pattern or a winning combination. This may sound too easy, but sometimes, the winning image simply does not fall into the right place or pattern. It was a clear miss. Fortunately, wild symbols exist. It is because of them that winning becomes a lot easier. However, wild symbols do not simply help in completing a combination, they can also increase one’s winnings. Since slot games are the main feature of 12BET’s Valentine Promotion, here are different wild symbols that you should look out when playing.

Kinds of Wild Symbols
There are different categories of wild symbols that exist. Each of them elicits different effects if placed along with other images.

Expanding wild  - Expanding wilds can clear a whole row or column. They can even cover a whole reel. Because they tend to expand if combined with other symbols, they enable the players to get a huge payout. It’s as if clearing the whole board in an instant.

Standard wild  - Standard wilds are the simplest wild symbols that slot players can encounter. They simply change the other image in order to get the right combination. For example, a pattern comprised of two (2) bananas and a grape. Clearly, this is not a winning combination. However, the moment a wild symbol falls right beside the grape, it can change the latter into a banana.

Stacked wild  - Wilds that are piled at each other are referred to as stacked wilds. They need to form a pattern, either diagonally or vertically in order to generate a winning combo.

Wild multiplier  - The wild multiplier is perhaps the most favorite type of wild symbol by many players. It does not only help the player win, it can also double or even triple the payout.

A slot is a game of chance, thus, there are instances wherein winning becomes almost impossible. Thanks to wild symbols, nailing a combination and the chances of bringing home the biggest jackpots have become easier to achieve. So what are you waiting for? Jive into the slot mania this February and get the best gifts, only here in 12BET!