Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scatter Symbol Secrets Revealed

Similar to wild symbols, scattersymbols are also very important to many slot players. The moment they appear on the screen, this means that a possible bonus or free spin is about to come. They can either increase the players’ winnings or if a free spin is gained, this means another chance to hit the jackpot.

How scatter symbols function

Scatter symbols help players in two different ways. First of all, they act as multipliers. They can double, triple or quadruple one’s winnings. Yet, the multiplier effect can only happen if the player won during the spin. For example, if a player won $10 during the spin and a scatter symbol with a doubling effect appears, needless to say, the player goes home with $20. But of course, if the player did not win, the scatter symbol shall not help at all.

Meanwhile, aside from increasing one’s bankroll, scatter symbols can also prompt bonuses. When a bonus is triggered, this gives the player opportunities to win more. But there’s more to triggering a bonus that makes player go wild over scatter symbols. Usually, they reward slot lovers with free spins. With free spins, one does not have to place another bet to get another chance in winning the jackpot.

What makes scatter symbols unique

Scatter symbols do not have to be in an active pay line to prompt a bonus or reward. This is in stark contrast to wild symbols. The latter needs to follow a pattern before it can reward the player.

Identifying scatter symbols

Due to the number of icons and images used in online slots, a player may have a hard time differentiating scatter symbols from wild symbols. Here’s the thing, scatter symbols are usually relative to the game’s theme. In Cherry Love for example, some of its scatter symbols are the keychain, the lighter and the rose etc.

While it is true that these symbols sometimes prevent players from nailing a combination, one cannot deny that these images add more fun and excitement in online slots.

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