Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slot Machines—A Detailed Look Into Its History

Back in the days where table games served as casino’s main attraction, slot machines were perceived as mechanical devices designed for women. While their male partners were too busy with blackjack and other similar card games, it was the slot machine that kept them preoccupied. But with the sudden turn of events, the simple mechanical device is now the lifeblood of many land-based and online casinos, generating large income and revenue for the gambling industry.

Charles Fey, the inventor

Also referred to as the so-called “one-armed bandits,” Charles Fey invented and introduced the slot machine in 1887. The “one-armed bandit” label was used because instead of buttons, a lever was utilized in order to run the machine. As for the term “bandit,” it came from the slot’s reputation of literally robbing the player’s money. In the earlier years, casinos need to pay rental fees so they could include these machines. But thanks to mass production, casinos, nowadays, simply need to purchase these devices.

Liberty Bell and other symbols

Liberty bell was the name given to the first slot machine. Card images such as spades, diamonds, stars and horseshoes were the very first symbols. Through the years and as the popularity of slots increased, the Liberty Bell has transformed into a symbolic representation of US’ capitalism.

1930, the electronic slots

Year 1930 witnessed the entry of electronic slots. During this year, the lever was replaced by buttons. Motors were now employed to make a reel spin instead of springs. Yet, despite of this change, still, it did not change the fact that players need to get the right combination in order for them to win.

The online world

With the influx of modern technology, slot machines are now operated and controlled by microprocessors. In as much as land-based casinos have readily benefited from this change, the effect of using microprocessors is more manifested in online casinos. It paved way for the rise of popular slot games such as Dr. Lovemore, Cherry Love, A Night Out and Love Match. Also, more and more combinations became possible, making slot gaming more thrilling and exciting.

Indeed, the evolution of slot machines explains why it is the most sought-after casino game.  Easy and fun, it satisfies the gaming cravings of many players. But not only that, its transition into online gambling has readily benefited land-based and online casinos.

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