Friday, December 20, 2013

Online gaming: How diverse are its markets?

The digitalization of casino has spurred a variety of opportunities for punters—ranging from a broadened list of online casino games to a much more accurate RNG (Random Number Generator) system than the conventional medium. In addition to providing convenience and easy access, the industry has made online games a “modern hobby” for players in almost every part of the world where Internet service is available (minus legal restrictions, of course). With these changes also came an unprecedented number of entrants signing up a new account on a daily basis. These new casino members come from all walks of life, including businessmen, white-collar employees, industrial workers, technical experts,  professionals, and other members of the working class. The diversity of the online casino’s market is indicative of its universal appeal and accessibility.

Online casino has intertwined more cultures than their on-the-land counterparts did. Brick and mortar casinos have often been identified as only for the rich and famous, the society’s elite class, or the most popular celebrities. This makes them, to some extent, a hardly reachable medium for luxurious entertainment. E-gaming venues, on the contrary, have made casino games more democratic—allowing practically every adult person to become a member of the club and enjoy all the games (with inherent amenities) in any way they want, anywhere, anytime, and on any amount they could afford to spend. Online casinos are both for the wealthy and the humble, but there lifeline has always been the middle class (and their number is exponentially growing!).

In Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia,online casinos are a major revenue generator, consequently providing a chief source of funds for public works as well as an important financial force to support welfare-related causes and charities. In Europe, particularly in Britain and Germany, online casinos are also a significant magnet for extra income and other opportunities.

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