Thursday, December 19, 2013

Casino dealers: Their roles and responsibilities

The rise of online casinos almost obliterated the need for dealers. Everything is already based on Random Number Generators or RNG (which is not necessarily bad) and the role of any human intervention apart from customer service was (initially) reduced to its minimum. However, even with the sophisticated world of electronic gaming, many players still sought (and continue to seek) “real” croupiers, citing human connection to be an important factor to keep gaming sessions alive, authentic, and nearly identical to the conventional format. Hence, the arrival of live-dealer online casinos paved the way to make the presence of croupiers felt on customers’ computer monitor.

Live dealers play a crucial role in making every game session worthwhile, productive, fair, and organized. Conventional and online dealers have some differences, but these are just a few and normally pertain to the kind of technology they are working with.

Dealers have the control when it comes to the action during a hand. In online casinos, players normally only face the dealer and do not need to brush shoulders with other players. The dealer manages the customer’s game, assist them in their decisions, answer their every relevant query, and of course, deal the cards, draw the dice, or spin the wheel. 

In terms of managing the pot, dealers may also take a part of that role, although online casino games are already automated to display possible jackpots that players could obtain. The dealer verifies the amount of bets set by the players, maintain side pots (when necessary), and read (with the help of the online casino’s software) players’ hands to determine a winning outcome. 

Most online casinos that feature live games that employ dealers to not just partake conventional roles. Live croupiers are required to dress attractively, wear genuine smile in every session, and assist online players in every step of the way. While male dealers are common in brick-and-mortar venues, women are more prevalent in online casinos.

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