Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Playing Slots on Mobile Devices

Mobility is one of the major factors people are focusing on today. Considering that almost everyone uses smartphones, every business owner wants to be where their customers are: mobile devices. That includes the online gaming industry.

A lot of casino games can now be played on smartphones and tablets; further cementing mobile online casino as the new keystone for the e-gaming world. One of the booming classes of casino games on mobile devices is slots. Here are some of the boons and banes players might encounter when playing the game via mobile platforms.


•    The ability to play slot games online regardless of location. Users can play while riding on a bus, waiting for someone, and even before bedtime, among others. It has the highest level of accessibility. Players can enjoy it anywhere at the time that is most convenient to them.
•    It saves time, money, and effort. Because of mobile gaming's portability factor, casino was taken out of hotels and homes and pockets became the gaming venues for the users.
•    Health and security. For punters who shun the risk of smoke and crowded places but love to play casino games, mobile gaming can become the source of both bliss and income.


•    Limited casino slot games. There may be over 100 slot games available now for mobile devices in the market, but the figure would seem small compared to the number of variants made specifically for personal computers.
•    Legal issues with consumer electronics companies. This depends on where in the world players live. Although there are a lot of slot games available for the top mobile operating systems, most of them are subject to companies’ restrictions on real-money gambling.
•    Smaller display. Apparently, playing slot on mobile devices is not quite as comfortable as playing it on a laptop of desktop computer. This may affect the players’ shots and bets for some instances.

There are many improvements that need to be done with regard to playing slot games on mobile devices, but it this concern can be a relatively small challenge to a world where technology is at constant evolution. For most slot gamers today, it is still best to play slots on PC.

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