Friday, August 2, 2013

What’s Cooking: The Sweetest Aroma of Winning

Leave the kitchen to the maid, let the chef do the cooking, but never disallow yourself from tasting the food! And by food, we mean anything that’s sweet, luscious, or creamy to your taste, sight, and feelings. Plunge in an experience similar to enjoying world-famous cuisines while making some great cash. That’s what the 12BET slot game “What’s Cooking” offers you: a delicious hideaway to unload your stress and a delightful venue to gather a hefty sum of cash!

slot game

Against a backdrop of fresh-looking tomatoes, meat, oven flame, vegetables, and spices, this game can provide you opportunities to win prizes that is equal to your bet multiplied by 10, 100, 1000, or 10000! That depends on the symbols that would appear on your reels, but regardless of their uncertainty of appearing, you could still make a great fortune out of dozens of bonuses and free games!

“What’s Cooking” has five reels and 30 lines. It is an online slot game that borrows almost the same mechanics as its conventional counterpart. You start the game by choosing your bet, purchasing a line or lines in the payline, spinning the reels, and claiming prizes if you won one. But this simple instruction doesn’t come without additional perks. That is, the game offers plenty of bonuses so that you will not need to end up empty-handed by the end of the game.

Bonuses include the “Scatter,” a symbol that automatically provides you with additional cash without having to come up with a specific symbol combination. As long as they appear in your reels, they are automatically activated to your advantage.

Another extra feature of this game is the “Dollar Ball,” a progressive side game similar to lottery where you select five numbers out of 49. Played simultaneous to your main game, this feature draws five numbers randomly. The more numbers match your selection, the greater your prize. If all five numbers match, you win the entire Jackpot!

Savor the goodness of a freshly baked fortune with “What’s Cooking.” Sign up now with 12BET and earn delicious prizes right above your platter!