Sunday, June 23, 2013

Find a Hoard of Treasure in the Goblin’s Cave

Here in 12BET Casino, our goblins are different. You don’t have to fight them to find your treasure; in fact, they’re more than happy to help you win that coveted jackpot!

In “Goblin’s Cave”, click the – or + buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen to make your bet, then click ‘Spin’ to start gameplay.

Initially, only the bottom row will spin. You can hold one or more reels using the “Hold” buttons below the slot machine. If you click ‘Spin’ again, two more rows will spin and determine how much you’ll take home as winnings.

Since the machine has three rows, your chances of winning are likewise multiplied by three. For instance, in the screenshot, the value of each coin is $1. Clicking ‘Bet Max’ will multiply the number of coins by five; therefore, your line bet is $5, and your total bet is thrice that ($15). Your winnings per line are calculated according to a pay table, which you can access using the ‘Pay-table’ button.

In case you think this is an ordinary “Spin until you win” slot game, get this: “Goblin’s Cave” has an unlockable bonus game. You can get this only if you get three lantern symbols in a row. Get two rows of three lantern symbols, and you’ll also get two bonus rounds. Get three rows of three lantern symbols, and … well, you get the idea. You’ll see a chest in the bonus games, which you can click to win prizes!

Start your hunt for treasure with your friendly bespectacled goblin today!