Monday, May 27, 2013

3 Proven Techniques To Spot A Legitimate Online Casino

Looks are deceiving, that’s a fact. It is through this pitfall, through this trap that many online casino players are victimized.

But when something is simply too good to be true, how can you easily spot the authentic one?  How do you differentiate the genuine from the fake—the sincere from the rip-off?

Admit it; the above-mentioned task is not easy. Even veterans are fooled in their own territory. Yet, the good thing is that there are signs, which scream that an online casino must be avoided. There are signs, which, although very simple are nonetheless, very potent in spotting an illegitimate online casino.

Live chat does not work
Convenience and accessibility are the main thrusts of online casinos and these do not end by simply providing a platform filled with different kinds of games. Along with these is the effort to extend great customer service. Thus, when the live chat fails, it raises different kind of questions. Is it just a mere technological glitch? Or was it simply placed for display purposes?

But by virtue of logic and reason, a live chat is a feature, designed to be functional. It fails to serve its purpose whenever it crashes. Delayed responses are easy to forgive. But those which subjects you to long waiting hours, as if you’re waiting for a miracle to happen, is a solid proof of a hoax online casino.

A Disorganized Website
Are you having page navigation troubles? Does the site looks like it’s infected with malwares, Trojans and other viruses? Does it defy the principles of design? Or does it  simply look too amateurish and trashy? If you answered a nod to those questions, then why do you still play in that online casino?

It’s time to wake up! A good design goes along with convenience and accessibility. Legitimate online casinos invest in their website. They spend time in making their site presentable. There’s a thing called reputation and branding, right? An online casino that barely focuses on their site appearance may be legitimate, but then again, it speaks of its inability to organize and put value to what their players get.

Unknown Gaming Platform
Yes, even this (little) aspect is important. It’s not about the “prestige,” rather, it is more of security issues and having a fair game that demands you to look into the software used by your online casino. At the end of the day, you don’t want to waste your time playing games that have manipulated results, do you?

Ensuring the online casino’s legitimacy is a duty of every player. It’s never an option. It’s a responsibility that should be readily observed. Unless, you want to gamble your bankroll’s fate, then legitimacy should not be your top priority.