Friday, April 5, 2013

Ghostrider Scratch Hunts Souls And Shares Up To X5,000 Win Multiplier

From the depths of hell, the legendary Ghostrider returns. But his mission is far from spreading curses and maladies. Instead, this casino game shares rewards, which are 5,000X bigger than the player’s original bet.

The famous devil hunter is a familiar face in many online casinos. It was first introduced as a 25-line slot, which yields twenty (20) free spins and tripled wins. The game is an instant hit. Its popularity grew dramatically and attracted a legion of players.

The desire to tap into a bigger market and expand, did not end with the slot machine’s release. A new Ghostrider-inspired game has been created and this time around, it takes the form of a scratch card.

Like its predecessor, Ghostrider scratch is devoid of all complexities. Three (3) images, which are formed horizontally or vertically, generate a win.

The symbols forming the winning pattern determine the member’s prize. Included in the left side of the screen is the paytable for each symbol. The lowest multiplier that a player gets is two (2), while the highest is five thousand (5,000). Members who wagered bigger amounts are guaranteed to have bigger rewards.

The Ghostrider is back and continues to hunt. Fortunately, he is not up to snatching souls. Instead, the famous scratch game is determined to track down active players who can be the game’s next biggest winners.