Monday, March 4, 2013

Spin A Win’s Betting Options Guarantee Easy Win

Spin A Win is much like online roulette, except that it is more colorful and plenty of winning opportunities. Players may bring home prizes, which are 23X bigger than their original bet.

Since it has plenty of betting options, multiple betting guarantees a win. Players, however, must understand the different bets to maximize the game.

The wagers they can place are as follow:

Colors  - In roulette, there are only two color options—black and red. In Spin A Win, one can wager on red, yellow, orange, blue and green. As a matter of fact, a player can even bet on color combinations (e.g. red and blue, green and red etc).

Range – This is one of the most profitable bets of the game. Since all numbers belong to a specific number range, the bet has a higher possibility of showing up. Players neither need to dabble with complicated statistics nor dive into a guessing game to guarantee their winnings.

Any one number – For this, the player bets on a specific number. If chosen correctly, this wager multiplies the player’s winning by 23X.

Last digit – This bet easily increases one’s winnings by 7. Simply choose the last digit of the number, which shows up.

Odd/ Even – For players who are into roulette, this is a very familiar bet.

Higher/Lower – This bet is special. The player must wait for the result for the initial result of the spin. Afterwards, they need to predict whether the result of the next spin shall have a higher or lower value. 

Spin and Win--what an easy and simple way to getting instant huge cash!