Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Spot Roulette Cheats When Playing Video Roulette

A mind-blowing surprise awaits those who play online roulette in Malaysia. Just when a player thinks that, he has already seen its entire variant, well; wait until he encounters video roulette.

Video roulette combines the elements of RNG and live roulette. When playing, punters do not leave the RNG platform. However, the moment they start spinning, a video of the roulette shall pop out of the screen. Along with it, players can also hear the sound of the spinning wheel as if they are playing in land-based casinos.

This game also features the La Partage option, which is commonly found only in French roulette. If after a spin, the ball lands on zero, the player loses only half of his bet. This is in stark contrast to other roulette variants. As a result, players will never have to worry about fund shortage.

Punters will also love the game’s history tracks and heat map features. They can use this to better strategize. They will not be confused since it only records their own statistics. The heat map on the other hand, shows the numbers that come out often. It is as if the player has his private coach.

Spectacular fun and prizes are now offered in video roulette. Never miss out this great game. Log in to your account and start winning today.