Thursday, March 7, 2013

Collect Top Online Casino Jackpots And Free Spins In Dragon King!

Dragon King is the perfect game for those who are looking for that top online casino jackpot. This online slot features a split symbol, 15 free spins and an increasing multiplier.

To trigger the free spins, the player will need the help of 3 scatters. Once activated, one can immediately avail the free spins. Aside from that, the game is likewise equipped with a multiplier, which continuously increases. Players can get a maximum of X5 multiplier.

Making the game even more profitable is the so-called “split symbol.” As the name suggests, it cuts the symbols into and thus, increasing the chances of forming more winning combinations.

For Dragon King, the split breaks the last symbol of a winning combination. Due to this, forming a 6 of a kind is possible.

Dragons are often described as harbingers of good luck. Now that the Dragon King has landed in 12BET Casino, it is time to take advantage of the luck and fortune, which it brings.