Friday, March 8, 2013

Collapsing Reels Increase The Online Slot Players’ Bankroll In Hot Gems

Hot gems proved to be one of the best online slots. Free games in Malaysia, as well as in other parts of the world, are to be given away. Multiple wins and a great bonus feature is also present in this game.

One of the game’s main thrusts is its collapsing reels, which explode whenever a winning combination is formed.

When a reel collapsed, symbols from the top row fall down. As they get caught up or mix with the symbols below them, they give the players the chance to form, yet another winning patterns, thus, resulting to multiple wins.

This approach to online slot gaming highly resembles that of the kiddie game, Bejeweled—simple, easy and very lucrative.

But the collapsing reels are not the only hot items in this game. Free spins and an increasing multiplier are also present.

To note, a total of 15 free spins can be availed. Moreover, the multiplier increases whenever winning combinations are created. Players can take advantage of a X5 multiplier during the entire game. By the way, the free spins are triggered by at least 2 scatters.

As hot as the sun, Hot Gems, is a great online slot pick of many players.