Friday, March 15, 2013

Casino Game, Pink Panther Multiplies Rewards By 1,500

Where else can a player find a scratch card where the winnings are up to 1,500 bigger than the original bet? It may sound impossible, but this can be experienced in the casino game, Pink Panther.

Players might think that the prize amount is way too good to be true or they might think of the game’s intimidating winning requirements. But just like other players who have already amassed their big prizes in Pink Panther, there is no reason to believe all the worries and doubts.

Pink Panther works exactly as that of other scratch cards—a player forms 3 identical matches and they win instantly.

This game, however, allots a different reward for the symbols formed.

If 3 Pink Panthers show up, the winnings are multiplied by 1,500. If 3 Inspector Clouseau are formed, the prized is multiplied by 8. Lastly, when 3 Little Men show up, the prize becomes 4 times bigger.

There is also another bonus feature that the players can take advantage of. Once they have formed the word PINK, all their winnings shall be multiplied by 8.

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