Friday, February 8, 2013

Medusa’s Gaze Spreads Winning Streak In Online Slot Gaming

A perfect game to play this year of the water snake, the online slot game, Medusa’s gaze turns every member, not into a stone, but a true-blooded winner.

Medusa’s Gaze can be perfectly described as yet another innovative creation in online slots gaming.

Instead of the usual theme-based images, it uses tiles. To win, players need to get tiles of the same color in an active payline.

Every time the tiles cascade, players get an automatic multiplier, which, easily increases one’s winnings. However, the multiplier resets with every new spin.

Medusa’s Gaze also has a wild symbol. This is the white tile, which replaces all other tiles in order to form a winning combination.

Turn stones into gold. Play and experience the thrill of winning in Medusa’s gaze!