Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3 Live Sic Bo Bets To Avoid: A Guide To Malaysian Online Casino Players

Knowing the best bets is a key to winning in live casino. Malaysian players need to know the most profitable wagers they can make to increase their bankroll and winning possibilities. This is most especially true when they are playing live sic bo.

Live sic bo features different types of bets. Choosing the lucrative ones and the not so profitable wagers may not be easy.

Thus, here is a short list of live sic bo bets that one should be wary about.

Making a triple bet means predicting that 3 specific and identical numbers will show up on the 3 dice.

Indeed, this is possible. However, given all the possible combinations in live sic bo, it might not show that often. As a matter of fact, this wager gives a 30% advantage to the house.

Any triple
Any triple and triple bet are entirely different. For any triple bet, any 3 identical numbers will do. The triple bet, wagers on 3 specific numbers. The operative word in here is “specific.”

At any rate, since Any Triple and Triple bets follow the same principle, one can also expect a high house advantage for this bet.

Any pair
If the Any triple bet hardly shows up, then what more can a player expect from the any pair bet? Again, players must carefully think about this wager. For the record, this wager has a 33% house advantage.

When playing live sic bo, a betting strategy is highly needed. This does not only ensure great winnings, but also a more memorable live casino gaming experience.

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