Monday, January 14, 2013

Slot Game Vacation Station Shares Up To 4,000x Bigger Prizes In Malaysian Online Casinos

The 8-reel online casino slot game, Vacation Station can readily afford to send a player into a grand vacation. 
Members can win prizes, which are up to 4,000X bigger than their original bet. As a matter of fact, its reward can defeat those that are offered by multi-line slot games. Malaysia slot enthusiast can take advantage of this game and increase their bankroll without the hassles and fuss.

The secret lies on the numbers, which surround the reels. Functioning as multipliers, they will multiply the player’s winnings. For example, if the winning combination is formed under number 8, the total prize will be 8 times bigger than the original bet.

Vacation Station may look like an ordinary classic slot game. However, many are surprised that this simple game delivers huge rewards.