Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not Hitting When Holding A Soft 17: Bad Online Blackjack Move

Not hitting when holding a soft 17 is a move that every online blackjack player must avoid. This barely shows the player’s strategy. Instead, it often results to disappointment. 

Soft 17 dilemma
Many online blackjack players hesitate to ask for another card whenever they have a soft 17. This is due to the fear of busting or getting a card value of more than 21. While this move proves to be logical, it tends to disregard the power of the Ace’s card.

Flexible Ace                         
The Ace can take a value of 1 or 11. When holding a soft hand, the player can always decide the value of the Ace card.

For example, during a soft 17, a player can always ask for another card and give the Ace card a value of 1. Apparently, such situation does not really compromise the player’s winning possibilities. Instead, it is the reverse that happens.

By hitting, a player faces the possibility of getting a hand value that is bigger than 17.

Meanwhile, standing, limits the player’s hand value to 17.

Certain online blackjack situations, are just way too intimidating that it often prevents the player from strategizing.

However, if only the player can dig deeper into the situation, he will see a great win ahead.

Online blackjack can be beaten legally. It is just all about knowing the right moves to take.