Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 Casino Whales With Mind-Blowing Losses

A casino agent will probably spend some time chasing after the players discussed below. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with debts. But they are worthy of an agent’s time due to their high risk appetite and their ability to literally blow money away.

Here is some of the biggest casino losses ever recorded on Earth.

Zhenli Ye Gon
More popularly known as Mr. Ye, this man has allegedly lost around $125M playing around the tables of the Las Vegas strip.

Paul Merson
Former Arsenal Midfielder, Paul Merson is also a celebrated high-roller. His adventures from the field extended to the casinos, which made him lost a staggering £100,000.

Akio Kashiwagi
For the love of baccarat, Kashiwagi is willing to lose a massive $10M in one sitting.

Terry Watanabe
Watanabe has a reputation of being a heavy drinker and a casino whale. When these two habits meet, it is not very surprising to lose $200M.

There is nothing wrong with losing in casinos. It happens. As long as the player knows when to stop and be responsible for all his actions, this diversion should bring entertainment, not disappointment.

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