Tuesday, July 17, 2012

112BET Casino Presents a Triple Win To Poker Three Players

Are you looking for a challenging game where you do not have to exert too much effort? Do you want to be a guaranteed winner without lifting a finger? Do you dream of beating the house the easy way? If you said yes to all of these questions, you better start playing 12BET Casino’s Poker Three!

What is Poker Three?
Poker Three is an interesting online casino game where you get easy money via ensuring that you have a strong hand. It follows Poker’s rules except that you are only using three (3) cards.

There are several hands that you may obtain after receiving the cards. These are:
·         Straight flush – sequential cards under the same suit
·         Three of a kind – cards with the same value such as three (3) kings
·         Pair – as the name suggests, this is comprised of two (2) cards with the same value but different suit
·         Flush – cards under the same suit
·         Straight – should not be mistaken with straight flush. Here you have 3 sequential cards coming from different suits

Pair plus bet
When you choose the pair plus bet, you will receive 3 cards and if you have a stronger hand, you win immediately. All you have to do is place a chip on the pair plus bet click the deal button.

The ante bet
In this mode, you are making two (2) bets. First is the compulsory bet which is the ante and your very own bet.

Under the ante bet, you will have two (2) options. You can fold or call. If you fold, you surrender your cards and you lose your ante bet.

Meanwhile, if you make a call, you will be battling against the dealer. A strong hand will immediately double your winnings plus you get an additional bonus for the winning hand that you hold.

Since you already see the cards, you will already know if you have a strong or weak hand. You can strategize when it comes to betting. There is no doubt that you have a definite advantage in this game for you can easily minimize your losses.

Why play at 12BET Casino?
12BET Casino is a promotion filled online casino. You get a Welcome Package up to MYR 2,200, a daily bonus up to MYR 200 and a 0.4% unlimited cashback. With a very easy game like Poker Three, indeed, everyday becomes your winning day!