Sunday, December 11, 2011

Slot Machines 12BET tips

Playing Slot Machine is never easy, yes you enjoy and win, but there are some tips that you must know in playing slots. here are some tips from 12bet for you to be guided...

TIP#1 - Serious slot players must seek out the highest paying machines within the casino. Most slot machines pay out between 83% and 99% of the coins/tokens they take in. That doesn't seem to be an extremely wide variation, but it IS. Whenever possible, seek out the machines in the 96-99% range and "hit" them hard. As you might imagine, the number of casino slots that pay out at this level are relatively few when compared to the total number of slot machines in a given casino. IT'S YOUR JOB TO FIND THESE "LOOSE" SLOT MACHINES.  (Hint: click HERE)

TIP#2 - Wait....Watch....Learn. Sounds easy. It's not. Gamers, such as you and I, like to play. The hardest thing for any slot machine player to do is watch others having fun on the slots. However, if you can manage to wait and watch (even for a few minutes), you will quickly learn which slot machines have more frequent - and larger - pay-outs.

TIP#3 - Talk to casino employees and fellow slot machine players.  General casino employees are not trusted with the exact placement of the best slot machines.  And, they wouldn't steer you to a particular slot machine even if they did know (since it's against casino policy).  However, they usually do notice which machines seem to be paying out on a fairly regular basis.  They will most likely not share this information with you unless you ask (especially if you tip them for the information). So, ASK!  If you get a tip on a hot slot machine ... unclench your fist and tip back to that employee a dollar or two, and if you win based upon what they tell you, tip them 5-8% of your winnings.  This will likely ensure more tips on great slot machines in the future.

TIP#4 - Stay away from the giant, progressive slot machines -- those that are linked to other progressive machines in other casinos such as "Quartermania." The odds are incredibly low that you will hit a jackpot on these types of machines. Quite possibly, the odds of you winning your state lottery are better than the odds you'll get playing the giant, linked progressives.

TIP#5 - Do NOT pick slot machines randomly. This is a sure-fire way to exhaust your bankroll in short order. The casinos will LOVE you, but your wallet will NOT!