Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dolphin Paradise Pachinko

This is a 12bet.com Pachinko game. It is played continuously from the moment you click  12bet.com Play, until you click Stop.
When the Pachinko machine is running, balls are continuously launched at the top and fall down through the obstacles. 12bet.com If a ball falls to the bottom of the machine, you do not win anything. If it falls into the chucker – the opening that has Start written on it – you win four balls. 12bet.com When a ball falls into the chucker, it also starts a spin of the reels in the middle of the machine. 12bet.com If a ball falls into the chucker while the reels are spinning (or a mini-game is running), the reel spin trigger is remembered by the machine. Once the current mini-game is finished, the next spin will start. Up to 10 such triggers can be remembered.
12bet.com There are three possible win lines on the reels: vertically down the center, or diagonally both ways. The top and bottom reels stop first. 12bet.com If they form two identical numbers on a win line (meaning that there is a possibility of a win), the middle number is determined by a mini-game. If all three numbers on a win line match, the Open chute at the bottom of the machines opens to catch all balls. 12bet.com For each of the next 15 balls that are caught by the chute, you win 100 balls. Thus, a mini-game win amounts to 1500 balls.
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