Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yes, Online Casinos have their own ‘Skin’

Much like any other computer-based service, online casinos are dependent upon software. Games are launched through gaming platforms developed by some of the world’s best software engineers. With thousands of online casinos worldwide, and practically just a few software providers out there, it is not uncommon for these gaming companies to share similar (or even identical) game interfaces. This makes it hard for casino players to determine the casinos’ identity.

In such a case, bigger (and more prestigious) companies would willingly purchase a “skin” of the platform in order to make their own stamp on the games. Casino skins are like clothing accessories with similar designs but different in size or color. Skins are helpful in establishing a casino’s identity and it will help players get more acquainted with their gaming partners.

Companies like Playtech and Microgaming lead the world in terms of market share, but their products are also the most commonly used amongst online casinos. With skins, casinos can have their own distinctions. Vastly different skins offer different looks for what is essentially the same platform.

Some online casinos have their own in-house software development department which allows them to offer games that are entirely original and virtually not offered by other casinos. However, this is only possible for the biggest companies who can afford millions of dollars of investment in an independent research facility. In fact, even these casinos may still require the service of leading providings and it would be more practical for them to buy skins instead of creating a totally different platform.

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