Thursday, August 7, 2014

Poke Mole’s Secret Treasure Will Make Your Winnings 200x Larger

Online Casino Game
Poke Mole’s unique and apparently the strange method is going to make you ponder if this online casino game is categorized as the scratch card type. In fact, it’s too compelling to be as one and also a bit easier to be labeled as an arcade game.

Nonetheless, if you have everything that is going to make Poke Mole not easy to forget, it’s the idea that it will definitely multiply your prizes up to 200x, in case you get the winning pattern.
The game procedures

Poke Mole is not any differ from the common scratch card that you get most likely found. It will be only the goal to release the three similar symbols or images.

Every symbol has got an appropriate win multiplier which will identify the total value of your winning.

The Poke Mole distinction

Unlike the usual scratch card that utilizes the “scratch all” function, Poke Mole applies the “Poke all” function alternatively. At this place, a hammer is designed to destroy the moles and make them show the symbol that they kept. You will win in case that three similar images cone out in your respective screen. The icons, nonetheless, aren’t needed to generate a combination. They don’t have to appear diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Provided that the three identical symbols come up, you will win immediately.

Poke Mole also includes a “wild symbol,” which can occur to become a diamond. In this particular game, In order to win only one diamond is all you need. Yes, you heard me right! You simply need one. That’s how easy and money making this game is all about.
In case, scratch games turn into a part of a problem with some kind of boring moments, you could try Poke Mole. Certainly, its unique approach to scratch cards offers you a cool idea of scratch card online gaming.