Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Penalty Hat-Trick: How to Strike Goals in a Scratch

Scoring penalties and hat-tricks is not always confined in a football stadium. Sometimes, it is possible even just on your computer. Take 12Ruby Club’s “Penalty Hat-trick,” an online scratch game that has drawn inspiration from the world’s most popular sport. This game uses familiar soccer icons and symbols to decorate a rather simple scratch game with pints of energy, thrill, and rewards.

online scratch game

Not your usual scratch game, Penalty Hat-trick does not involve actual “scratching.” You reveal the hidden prizes (or goals, on this case) by striking a ball into the various specific points of the net. And even with striking, this game has plotted a novel twist. You have the option to strike the ball bare-footed, on red high heels, using a cat’s paw, a broom, or a robotic foot. But if you wish to do the striking the typical way, you can, of course, use a football shoe.

The game is played by kicking the ball to nine locations in the net, where a goalkeeper (with two cheerleaders accompanying him) makes the saves. The jackpot prize can be bagged if three ‘goals’ in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) are struck.

You can strike the ball one by one (click on each goal location manually) or all at once (by pressing ‘Kick All’). Either way, you are assured of achieving good experience in trying out a footballer’s maneuver.

In this game, your total win is equal to the product of your wager and the pay line (which appears next to your winning line) multiplied by the multiplier (which appears on the bottom right hand side of the screen). The prize will then be added to your account balance. 

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