Friday, July 19, 2013

Rome & Glory: A Brief, Luxurious Moment in a Long Roman History

The ancient Roman Empire was one of history’s most important civilizations, governing territories as large as the Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia. It lived in a long period of prosperity, power, and abundance before it fell apart in a series of civil wars.

Bringing the ancient Roman experience to online casinos might sound quite lousy and impossible. But 12BET has the knack for extracting blood from stone. With its Rome & Glory slot game, you can now enjoy the civilization’s spirit in the guise of iconic images such as The Coliseum, cinerary urn, wine grapes, and of course, the image of Julius Caesar. But the extravagance does not end here. As it is a slot game, you also have the chance to wield earnings as precious as the Aureus gold coins!

Rome & Glory is a five-reel, 20-line slot game that requires players like you to come up with winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels. As with any other online slot game, it starts with a wager being placed on your desired line bets. By clicking the “Lines” button, you are able to activate your pay lines one-by-one. Press “Bet Max” and you activate all the pay lines. You will know if you have winnings if a notification prompts on the screen after the reels stop spinning.

A special animation sequence offered by this game, Mystery Scatter allows you to take advantage of free games that let you win even bigger prizes without the need to spend on a huge bet.

During this round, the reels are spun automatically. The “Win” field shows the accumulated winnings from your current Free Games. After all of them have been completed, a result board calculates your total earnings.

Revisiting the past has never been this rewarding. At 12BET, you only need a moment to “match” the wealth of a centuries-old Roman history!