Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Unleash Your Inner Psychic with Fortune Keno

Do you have a knack for predicting keno numbers with an almost supernatural accuracy? You can put your skills to the test with Fortune Keno.

All you have to do is pick two to ten numbers from the number grid. You can de-select a number by clicking it again, or click “Clear” to de-select all. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, make your bet at the bottom of the screen using – or +. Press “Play 1” to play one round, or “Play 5” for five rounds.

For each round, 20 numbers will be drawn. If you win, a pop-up will appear in the middle of your screen indicating exactly how much you’ve won. Your winnings depend on how many numbers you chose, and how many correct guesses you made.

To know exactly how much you’ve won, refer to the pay table underneath the number grid. Here, you’ll see the number of rounds you’ve played, the number of hits/accurate guesses you have, and the pay-out multiplier corresponding to your hits.

“Fortune Keno” looks like a simple game, but it’s definitely not something you should take for granted, considering the potential size of the payout. Also, as you know, predicting numbers isn’t a walk in the park, so this game provides enough challenges to keep you interested.