Monday, June 3, 2013

Game Review: Bermuda Triangle

To some, the online slot game Bermuda Triangle may be a far-fetched attempt to attract classic slots players—considering the fact that one-armed bandits have readily evolved through time. Nevertheless, it brings nostalgia—back to the days when the simplicity of one-armed bandits is enough to take players into a climatic and ecstatic state.

Bermuda Triangle lacks the common features that most players of this generation can think of. There are no scatters and wilds. Bonus rounds and free spins are also not present in the game. It leaves no other option for the players, but to rely purely on Lady Luck’s grace.

However, compared to other online slot games, Bermuda Triangle thrives through small bets. With a minimum of $0.25, anybody can already enjoy a spin and for those who want to go for the maximum, a $10 bet would do. Apparently, the game’s maximum wager is just the minimum in other online slots.

Likewise, Bermuda Triangle brags its 1,000X jackpot, which is triggered whenever three (3) ships are formed diagonally in the 5th pay-line.

Whilst some are not convinced by the game’s strong points, it cannot be denied that it is perfect for new players. It can stand as their training ground. Similarly, for recreational players and those who do not have a huge bankroll, Bermuda Triangle can satisfy their slots cravings. They can actually capitalize on this game to increase their funds.