Monday, May 20, 2013

Sic Bo Basics—The Ultimate Guide For Newbies

Also known as Tai Sai, Sic Bo is fast becoming a favorite online casino game of many. It’s a bit similar to craps, where players have to guess the outcome of a dice throw. Sic Bo, however, uses three (3) dice.

Sic Bo is believed to originate from China.  In the early days, bricks were used instead of dice. But due to the danger it posits, a safer and better way of playing sic bo is now, practiced.

Nowadays, dice replace dangerous bricks, which can easily cut through somebody’s head. Moreover, instead of being tossed in the air, the dice are rolled inside a mini cage.

Online vs. live
Online and live sic bo shouldn’t be confused with each other. Online sic bo means playing against a machine. To go live means to go play with real players and to have a game facilitated by a real dealer. It is also important to note that playing live thrives through speed. You must learn how to bet quickly, confirm your wager immediately and choose the perfect wager.

Sic Bo simple tips
Sic Bo may look intimidating at first. But this is probably because of the number-filled table right before your very eyes. For newbies, the table layout can be a curse, however, familiarity will soon guide you throughout the time.

The game also shares a certain similarity with roulette. Both games allow multiple betting. It is best if you can also capitalize with this wager, even if you’re playing sic bo.

You can also increase your winning chances via focusing on the big and small bets. These two are like the red and black bets of roulette.

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