Monday, May 6, 2013

How Happy Bug Multiplies Your Prize By 14,175!

You’re one happy bug when you get to enjoy twenty-four (24) free spins and get rewards that are 14,175 times bigger than your original bet. But not only that, if you get lucky, you’ll be rewarded with another win multiplier. So what’s this online slot game that brings big fortune to players? You got it right, it’s no other than the Happy Bug slot machine.

Triple prizes
With the help of the game’s scatter, you can trigger the free games mode and get up to twenty-four (24) free spins. But it doesn’t stop there. During the free spins, all your winnings are also tripled.

Bonus features
Happy Bug has two (2) bonus rounds, which are fondly called as the Beer and Happy Flower Bonus round.

It is during the Beer bonus round where you get a win multiplier, which increases your rewards by 27. This will also help you advance to the Happy Flower bonus round wherein you can get not just one (1) , but two (2) extra multipliers.

Overall, the total win multiplier at stake in this game is 14,175. Let’s say you place a MYR5 line bet and you nailed the maximum multiplier value in Happy Bugs, you can bring home MYR 70,875 in one sitting. Are you going to miss this winning opportunity?