Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Breed Of Blackjack Is Born

Blackjack scratch relieves the players from the pressure of learning card counting and at the same time, multiplies their winnings for up to 10,000X, thus, making it one of the most profitable scratch games.

Playing blackjack scratch
When playing, you will be asked to choose the value of your scratch card. Simply press the + sign if you want to increase the card’s amount or the sign if you want to decrease it.

You can also shuffle the cards thrice if you are not confident with the ones you have. But remember that you can only use the shuffle option prior to the game.

If you’re ready to make your moves, simply press the “deal” button. You will automatically receive three (3) hands. The dealer’s card shall be distributed as well.

Press  the “scratch all” option to reveal the cards. Should any of your hands get a higher value than that of the dealer, but without exceeding twenty-one (21), you win in the game.

Better  than the real thing?
Nothing beats the original. However, blackjack scratch possesses features that seems to make it stand out than the card game.
·        Practical – Since it is a scratch game, the initial bets are smaller. Bankroll issues hardly become a problem
·        Fast-paced – You will immediately see the results in blackjack scratch. Unlike in live blackjack where you still have to wait for twenty (20) seconds to confirm the bets you’ve placed and a couple of seconds more to wait for the results. In blackjack scratch, you finish the game in less than a minute
·        Expert level doesn’t matter – The only thing you have to remember in this game is that your hands should have a value of twenty-one (21) or close to it

Playing blackjack as if it is a scratch game may not sound too attractive. Perhaps, we’ve all been used to enjoying it as a card game. Nevertheless, with all the advantages you can derive from it, diving into unfamiliar territories is not a bad idea after all.