Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Forget Lady Luck

Luck is a term that applies and works only with newbies, thus, there’s the so-called “beginner’s luck.” But as time goes by, you must learn how to slowly depart from Lady Luck.

Indeed, it is true that luck cannot be disregarded whenever you play an online slot game, blackjack or other card games. However, you have more reasons to create your strategy rather than depend on something that cannot assure you of your winnings.

Strategy is consistent
Developing a strategy gives you consistency. It guides you to the right direction—it gives you a system.  Instead of simply following your gut feel, you become more organized. If all things fail, you know how to recover easily.

Luck is fleeting
The problem with Lady Luck is that she is very fickle minded. One day she’ll support you, the next day, she won’t. She’ll give you all the wins that you need only to leave you in a bottomless pit.

But of course, you don’t want to be trapped in that kind of cycle. You don’t want to confine yourself in a maze of uncertainty. Lady Luck is just option, strategy is a must.

Strategy has a basis
Science supports strategy. When you use strategy, you know that you’re using something that has been proven and tested. Although, there are some that flopped, well at least, you know that it has been carefully thought of and not just something, that popped out of nowhere.

Luck will always be an important element in online casinos. It cannot be taken away. But to fully depend on it is something that can be readily changed.