Friday, March 1, 2013

Red Dog’s 11 to 1 Payout Proves To Be Profitable To Malaysian Online Casino Players

Red Dog is perhaps one of the most profitable and easiest Malaysian online casino games.

Compared to other card games, this does not need any complicated strategies and neither does it take a genius to understand everything.

For Red Dog, common sense is the only strategy that a player uses.

How to play the game
To win in Red Dog, players must determine if the 3rd card’s value is within the spread made by the first 2 cards.

In the illustration below, the first 2 cards are 9 and King. The spread is therefore established, thus, the bet is placed on 3. It is on 3 because, there are 3 cards that are in between 9 and King. These are 10, Jack and Queen.

If any of the above-mentioned cards is dealt, the player wins and gets a 2:1 payout.

Other scenarios
There are certain scenarios that players must understand. There are instances wherein the spread is not established. Due to this, it is important to fully comprehend how this game works.

If the first 2 cards dealt already follows a consecutive order (e.g. 2 and 3), it becomes a tie. The player’s bet is therefore, returned to him.

Meanwhile, if the first 2 cards are the same, say, 2 Kings, the third card shall be dealt. If another King shows up, the player forms the poker hand, 3 of a kind and therefore, gets an 11 to 1 payout.

However, if another card crops up, it is considered as tie.

Malaysian online casino games, most especially, card games are lucrative. But for those who barely have the time to study a difficult strategy, Red Dog is just a click away.