Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Malaysian Casino Game, X-Men Scratch Scratches All Woes, Up To 10,000X Of Prizes At Stake

Malaysia’s casino game X-Men scratch, no matter how simple it looks, multiplies winnings by up to 10,000X. To make winning easier, this game also features a wild symbol.

To begin with, the players will be asked to choose among 6 scratch cards. He also has the option to select all the cards.

After picking the preferred cards, the players must secure a match to win. A player can rake prizes through different winning combinations.

If a card shows one of the hero symbols and a wild, the player gets a perfect match. The same thing is true if the player gets 2 identical hero or villain symbols. However, if 2 different villain or hero symbols appear, the player still, win. Yet, he only gets half of the prize amount.
2 Heroes In A Card And 2 Identical Symbols

2 Villains In A Card
Winning with the wild's help
Without complicated rules to memorize and stringent strategies to develop, winning in X-Men scratch is nothing but natural.

Your bankroll growth is already at your fingertips. Win big without lifting a finger in X-Men scratch today!