Tuesday, March 19, 2013

40 Free Spins And Triple Wins Available In Goddess Of Life

Did you know that with your minimum bet, you can already get 40 free spins and triple your wins? It sounds impossible, but 12BET Casino is making it possible with the help of the online slot game, Goddess of Life.

Profitable—this is probably the best way to describe the Goddess Of Life. Unlike other slot games, you don’t have to bleed to get free spins. All you need are three (3) scatters to trigger this feature.

Once activated, you get your first 20 free spins. Also, you get tripled prizes for every winning combination formed via the scatter’s help.

While you are enjoying your free spins and 3 scatters appear again, you get another set of 20 free spins, with the multiplier, of course.

The free games feature, however, is not the only way to profit from this game. Yes, it also highlights a bonus feature, known as the Crystal Cave Bonus.

With the Crystal Cave Bonus, you will be asked to choose among 15 crystals, which contain specific prizes. Take your best pick and you’ll walk out with your pockets filled.

Talks about the Goddess of Life’s generosity are now spreading like fire. Never miss this great winning opportunity and play at 12BET Casino today.