Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pink Panther Scratch Multiplies The Casino Gamer’s Winnings By 8

Winning prizes that are 1,500X bigger than the original bet and getting a free scratch card is possible only in the casino game, Pink Panther.

Pink Panther is one of the latest additions in 12BET Casino’s hot 46 games and just like in any other scratch games, the player’s goal is to secure a symbol match.

But this game differs in certain ways. First, the player has to secure 3 matching symbols and lastly, the prize amount is determined by the matching symbols formed.  For example, having 3 Pink Panthers will deliver a prize that is 1,500X bigger than the bet. If 3 Inspector Clouseau appears, the player’s prize is multiplied by 9 and if 3 Little Men show up, the winnings are multiplied by 4.

Form “Pink” and win
In the game, each player are given the chance to form the word pink. Each letter can be seen on top of the purchased card.

Once the word is formed, all winnings are immediately multiplied by 8.

The Pink Panther waits for another big winner, it might be you. Start playing today!