Friday, February 1, 2013

Online Casino Poker Hands That Make Winners In Video Poker Games

Video poker is one of the most lucrative casino games. As a matter of fact, several players of 12BET Casino has already made their millions via playing these games alone.

This casino game, however, requires a very simple thing—and that is the mastery of poker hands.

Knowing the hierarchy of poker hands is a major edge when playing in casino sites.

Royal flush
This is poker’s strongest hand. It is comprised of 5 consecutive cards:
·        King
·        Queen
·        Jack
·        Ten (10)
·        Ace

All of these cards should be under the same suit. On a closer examination, this hand is made up of cards named after royal tittles. Due to this, it was called as the royal flush.

Since it is the strongest hand, it also has the highest payout.

Straight flush
The straight flush is the same as the royal flush. But it is more flexible. As soon as there are 5 consecutive cards under the same suit, the player wins immediately. 

Four of a kind
This hand is made up of 4 identical cards and an extra card.

Full house
Comprised of 3 identical cards and a pair of cards, full house is also one of the strongest hands in video poker.

Members do not have to worry if they do not have 5 consecutive cards. As long as these cards are under the same suit, they still, have a hand to brag about. This combination is referred to as the flush.

This is one of the most flexible poker hands that a player can form. Whether the cards belong to the same suit, as long as they follow a sequence, their hand shall be honored. This is referred to as the straight.

Three of a kind
Three of a kind is similar to full house. A player has three identical cards. But instead of having a pair, three of kind is contented with 2 spare cards.

Two pair
Evidently, this is made up of 2 pairs of card and a spare card.

Video poker does not really need expert strategy. A clear understanding of the game will do. Start playing now and who knows, the great jackpot can be yours any moment soon!