Monday, February 11, 2013

Marvel Roulette Combines 2 Famous Casino Games

Two (2) of the most popular casino games in Malaysia—slot games  and online roulette comes together in yet another genius creation—Marvel Roulette!

The power of 2!
Marvel Roulette follows the typical roulette rules. Members are asked to wager on a number, number series or color. Should the ball land on the number or color that they chose, the players win.

But here is one thing that makes Marvel Roulette special. Members can also wager on the Marvel Bonus, which features a 3-slot game. How does a player enter the Marvel Bonus round?

Entering the slot game
To enter the slot game, the roulette ball must fall into the wheel’s Marvel Bonus feature—as easy and straightforward as that.

Progressive jackpot
Since Marvel games are known for its progressive jackpot, Marvel Roulette is not exempt from having this feature.

To bag the progressive jackpot, one has to acquire 3 match symbols.

Overall, Marvel Roulette offers 3 big winning opportunities for its players, making the game truly unique and profitable.

Start enjoying the excitement of roulette, the thrill of slots and the life-changing progressive jackpot in Marvel Roulette!